Sam Bloch


Sam is a fun-loving adventurous guy who has a passion for the performing arts. Sam loves being on stage and any opportunity he gets he jumps at. Sam also enjoys being outdoors and spending time with friends and family. Sam fell in love with theater at age 6 when he partook in a theater summer camp at the Marquis Theater in Northville. Sam has not only worked with the Marquis Theater, he has worked all over Michigan and just recently he was in Walled Lake Western's high class performance of "Les Miserables." Also Sam is excited to announce that he has been filmed on the set of "The Bully Chronicles" as official/credited background talent, but Sam also had a scene in which the camera centered around him placing a get well soon card on the main characters locker. Sam enjoys public speech and competitive acting (forensics). He has placed at over 20 different tournaments but his most honorable ones include the MIFA state tournament in which he placed 5th in the category of Storytelling 9/10 (2013), 1st place as a State Champion in Storytelling (2014), and 2nd place as State Runner Up in Storytelling (2015).